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‘GNOSIS’ is a Greek word meaning direct subjective knowing – the inner feeling cognition that is the fount of all art and the foundation too of all deep thinking.

‘GNOSTICISM’ is not an ancient religious sect but the unacknowledged world religion of all times – a subversive spiritual tradition that rejected the ultra-egotistical and genocidal ‘god’ of the Old Testament and the crucified, suffering God of Golgotha. This ‘Judaeo-Christian’ god is alive and well today in the form of both Christian-Zionist fundamentalism and its Islamic arch-foe.

THE NEW GNOSIS is the twilight of all today’s false gods – whether ‘globalisation’, the ‘eternal gene’, ignorant religious fundamentalisms and scientific materialisms, or their New Age counterparts – the pseudo-scientific worship of ‘energy’ in place of God. For ours is what Martin Heidegger called the "epoch of going under" - so boldly represented by the twilight landscape of Caspar David Friedrich. Heidegger saw the fate of our epoch resting on "The Ones to Come" - those coming gnostikoi who "reside in masterful knowing", whose "knowing awareness" does not let them "be computed or coerced" and whose God is "the totally other in relation to the gods that have been". The New Gnosis is not only a going under and a twilight of the gods that have been but a new dawn - the rebirth of ‘philo-sophy’ from SOPHIA (the wisdom of feeling cognition) and with it the resurrection of each individual’s inner feeling body (the womb of SOPHIA-WISDOM). It is this rebirth and resurrection that will "lead mankind behind the symbolism upon which religion has relied for centuries" and reaffirm the "the wordless knowledge within the word" (Seth/Jane Roberts). New Gnostics understand the ‘holy word’ of all religions as human translations of that wordless knowledge – an inner knowing that is ‘God’ and is ‘Gnosis’. For the New Gnostic GOD is GNOSIS – not a divine being but a divine knowingone that is the source of all beings and immanent within them all.


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