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"Spirit is a fundamentally tuned, knowing resolve towards the essence of being"

Martin Heidegger


Friedrich’s Walk at Dusk. Pilgrimage to a sacred site - its archaic rocks an enduring symbol of a primordial knowing, solidified as matter. The prima materia made manifest. At night the light of the actual withdraws into the prima materia - sleeping back into womb of pure potentiality. Dusk is the twilight of the actual, in which the walker pays his last homage to the rock as the solid and bounded manifestation of unbounded potentiality – the power of spirit. His walk is the last stage of that journey of return that takes us each back, each day and each life, into the night of sleep and death. Humbly the walker approaches the rocks in resolved submission to the law of return. Steadfast in his prayerful and humble surrender, he pays homage to the enduring, rock-like strength of his own eternal spirit. We like, he, are "as of the rock", bound through all eternity to our most solid spiritual core. That spiritual core is a fundamentally tuned knowing resolve to the essence of being - not as any actual thing, but the pure power of potentiality. As the light of our worldly lives fades all around us, the solid rock of our inner knowing recalls us to the unbounded and unborn potentialities of being, giving us the spiritual strength to trust in their ever-renewed birth and materialisation. The walk at dusk is a walk towards the night, not one in which the walker enters step by step into the darkened trance of sleep, but attains to the spiritually awakened heights of enlightened, twilight awareness - released step by step from the trance of worldly actualities. What matter who the wandering walker is, from what place he has come, or to which place his walk will return him. In reaching the ancient rocks he has arrived – reached that place that is the eternal beginning and end of his sojourn on this earth. The trees, fading into the cold, greying twilight of a ghostly moon, bid our warmly enmantled walker both welcome and farewell.


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