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" I am the honoured and the despised. I am the voice whose sound is manifold and the LOGOS which has many images. I am strength and I am fear. I am she who is all terror and I am boldness in trembling. I am she who is weak and I am safe in a place of pleasure. I am unreasoning and I am wise. Yea, I am the wisdom (SOPHIA) of the Greeks. I am She before whom you have been ashamed, and yet you were shameless before me."
Thunder, Perfect Awareness

"Beware of the superficial knowledge of cold fact, for it kills the heart."

Caspar David Friedrich

"What we call feeling or mood…is more reasonable – that is, more intelligently perceptive – because more open to Being, than all reason…"

Martin Heidegger

The New Gnosis is dedicated to the redemption of fallen SOPHIA wisdom - a bodily, feeling cognition of nature and the cosmos as "Christ’s bible" (Caspar David Friedrich). In ancient Gnostic allegory, it was Eve, daughter of SOPHIA, who ate of the tree of knowledge (GNOSIS) and attained the light of awareness (NOUS). It was SOPHIA who breathed the spirit (PNEUMA) into the physical soul of Adam. It was her daughter Eve, who, despite violation by the archons of the ego-god (DEMIURGE) was able to guard the spark of spiritual awakening in the body of her first fleshly son SETH and his seed.

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