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The Zone of the Question





- Uwe Nolte -

You have an open mind.
You have varied interests.
You have read interesting books.
You have met interesting people.
You may have had interesting psychic or
Spiritual experiences, and yet the question remains:
Do you know who you are – your inner being?
Do you know yourself as a part of that being, and
A fleshly embodiment of its knowing?
Your inner being is a core of condensed knowing.
Your ‘centre’ is a road you can follow inward towards
That core of condensed knowing – towards gnosis.

Primordial Sea/Sunborn
- Uwe Nolte -


You know what you are interested in.
But do you know who – besides the self you know.
Gnosis is knowledge of other selves, other beings.
How much do we really want to know our own Other,
Our inner being, and the inner being of others?
That is the test of our spiritual interest in gnosis.
Spirit is inter-est, inter-esse, inter-being, inner connection.
The medium of inner connection is inner silence.
"Not knowing how to listen, neither can they speak."
Communication can be an expression of interest, of
Inner connection with our own being and other beings,
Or an expression of its lack - a mirror of self-reflection.


- Uwe Nolte -

Gnosis. Knowing. There are those who know, and those who don’t know. Those who truly want to know, and those who just don’t want to know. There are also those who want to know, but are afraid of the knowledge they might find. Looking only for crumbs that will comfort them in their ignorance. There are those who say ‘enough’. I cannot bear to know more. And those who are ever-hungry and seeking. There are some who seek only inner self-knowledge, and others who seek inner knowledge of others and of the world around them – knowing that only by doing so will they discover other worlds and other selves. There are those who seek only objective knowledge of themselves, the world and other people. And therefore know them only from the outside. And there are those who seek inner, subjective knowledge. Knowledge of the subjective inwardness of things and people. There are those who can objectify their subjective inner knowing. And those who cannot distil or communicate its objective truth. There are those who ignore their subjective, inner knowing, or who can neither express nor embody its truth. And there are those who are its living expression and embodiment. These we may truly call gnostics.

- Uwe Nolte -

The Zone of the Question

Is God an ultimate Answer?
Or is He a living, pulsing Question?
Do we trouble Him with our Questions?
Or are We the still unfinished Answers to his Quest?
If so, do we have the courage to bear Him as a Question?
Not the question of whether He ‘is’ or is not, but
The question that He is, and that we are too.
Is all our Questioning a fruitless pursuit?
Or is it the very pulsation of His own
Divine Quest? A Quest of which
We ourselves are the fruit.

Is faith to be found through religious belief?
Through the model answers of modern science?
Through the false certitude of Final Solutions, or in
The true Zone of the Divine - the Zone of the Question?
This Zone of the Question can become a tomb or a womb.
For some the Zone is a prison and a place of torment and torture.
But it is the same Zone that is the source of wonder and terror.
That is both a barrier and a gateway to the countless worlds.
The Question is ours to open or foreclose, to bear with,
Live and flourish from, or shy away and die to.

“Questioning is the piety of thinking.”
It is a Questing of the soul that answers only to Him.
The Questing soul is a holy soul, infused with His inner vitality.
A soul at home in his Divine Zone – the Zone of the Question.
Therefore do not ply Him with your questions, but
Listen to the question that you Are.

The question that you are is His question too.
Be the question and you will Become the answer.
An answer that never ceases to grow nor ever becomes
Old in its certainties, but is ever refreshed from the
Roots of its unknowing, Questing Being.

What is a Question if not the oscillation of a relation?
What is this oscillation if not the essence of energy; vitality itself?
What then, is the relation that matters most, that is most vital to us,
If not the oscillation that matters the very vitality of our Questing,
Answering itself as atoms and molecules, stars and galaxies.
As the very flesh and blood of which we are composed.

Those who only seek Answers to Questions
Forget that the source of all Answers is a Question.
A cosmic ‘Big Bang’ is not a Question but an Answer.
Just so, a great Cosmic Creator, a Cosmocrat of the All.
No science or religion that quests ultimate Answers to
All and Everything can comprehend Anything at all.
No soul content with its own Answers can enter
The Zone of the Divine, or find the meaning of
His Quest, His dark cosmic matterings.


- Uwe Nolte -

Graceful and gracing. Carefree and caring.
Committed without concern for outcomes.
Trusting - and therefore joyful and playful.
Lightening and enlightening - as light and
Yet as strong and indestructible as the air;
No one’s property, but free for all to share.
Its lightning, a fire that ignites the soul.
Its storms, a thundering, clearing comfort.
Its air-ness, an aware-ness that inspires all:
Breath of spirit – PNEUMA - was it called.
Holy, for all those who breathed its life,
Fed its fire, and travelled its spiralling path.




The Gnostic acknowledges no God as an actual being and rejects all creeds that worships God as an actual being, thing or person.

The Gnostic recognises that God is an unbounded knowing awareness of potentiality that is the source of all actual beings.

The Gnostic recognises this knowing awareness of potentiality as a divine knowing and divine power within all beings.

The Gnostic recognises that knowledge is not merely knowledge of beings that are. How can it be, since being and beings themselves have their source in divine knowing or

The Gnostic recognises that the primordial questing of potentiality for its own actualisation was the primordial question through which God both knew and set free All That Is.

The Gnostic stands in wonder and terror at the fact that any thing or being is at all, understanding this not as the work of a divine creator but the outcome of this divine questing and questioning.

The Gnostic recognises that like God, human beings ask questions because they are questions, seeking to know and set free their potentialities of being.

The Gnostic is one who acknowledges the human being as a being who is a question for themselves, and thus essentially a questioning being.

The Gnostic understands gnosis not as the arrogance of knowledge or of ignorance but as the awakening of essential questioning, a questioning that quests the essence of all beings.

The Gnostic is one who engages in essential questioning – questing the qualitative essence of beings and seeking those potentialities of being that are the very well-spring of their being.

The Gnostic recognises that knowing is an intimate inner relation to this essence, and that such inner conjugation is the source of all true inner conceptions.

The Gnostic understands ‘love’ as this intimate inner relation – born of the quest to know the qualitative essence or quintessence of all things and all beings.

The Gnostic does not see the questions that emerge in our lives as obstacles - problems to be solved, or ‘issues’ to be resolved.

The Gnostic understands questioning as the very essence of meaningful living and experiencing.

The Gnostic does not seek the meaning of life in experiences, mundane or transcendental, but in the questions that all experience gives expression to.

The Gnostic does not seek experiences but seeks to sense and distil the essential questions that their experience holds within it.

The Gnostic does not question the meaningfulness of life but recognises that life itself is driven by meaningful questions.

The Gnostic does not seek answers to the questions of life, but lives those questions and finds their answer in life.

The Gnostic does not seek only knowledge of Self or World but knowledge of Others and their Worlds.

The Gnostic arrives in this way at knowledge of Other Worlds and of their own Other Selves.

The Gnostic does not seek knowledge as a means to ultimate Self-realisation, but understands knowledge itself as an endless process of Other-realisation.

The Gnostic’s goal is Other-realisation - an intimate knowledge of the Others through which they become more real to themselves, and through which we come to know our own Other Selves.

The Gnostic recognises that all beings are in-formed and trans-formed by the knowing they bear within them, and that knowledge is not an accumulation of ‘information’ but a process of transformation, of Becoming Other.

The Gnostic understands that Being Ourselves means Becoming Other.

The Gnostic does not seek Self but seeks the Other within themselves and continues to Become Other.

The Gnostic understands that in Being the question that we are, we Become the Answer – we discover other selves and Become someone other than the self we knew.

The Gnostic recognises even their innermost Self as another Being, an Other Self.

The Gnostic recognises themselves as someone who has already Become Other, a being other than this self.

The Other Self is the Knower within, one whose inner knowing and inner body links us inwardly with all Other Beings.

The Gnostic does not seek grace or gain. The Gnostic does not seek God as a divine being. The Gnostic seeks the knower or gnomon within, knowing it as an expression of divine knowing or gnosis.

The Gnostic seeks knowledge and does so, again, through experiential questioning – not questioning their experience but experiencing their own questions and then finding them answered in their experience.

The Gnostic is one whose knowing comes from experiencing essential questions and answers with the lived intensity of a seeking that never ceases.

The Gnostic is not content with holding something to be true but holds himself in the truth of an inner knowing that is an unceasing question.

The Gnostic does not ‘believe’ - for believing is merely holding something to be true rather than knowing it to be true.

The Gnostic understands that where believing holds sway all questioning and all knowing cease. That is why the Gnostic is Beyond Belief and a curse to all creeds.




Heidegger's Mystical Gnosis

All That Is
Is that not the Greatest
Mystery of All,
For All?

The two ways to Philosophise:
Fearfully or Fearlessly.
Facing or Fleeing the
Fact of things BEING.

The Great Wonder.
That things are.
At all.
Not What, How or
‘Why’ they are.
THAT they are.
That they ARE.
That things,

THAT things are
Has no ‘Why’
For an answer.
Those who ask ‘Why’
Do not know that
Their very question
Is a fear of the THAT.

The Great Fear.
The thought of nothing
Being at all.
It takes Fearlessness
To confront the Great Fear,
To face the Great Question.
To wonder…to just
Consider the possibility
Of things NOT Being.
Only such fearlessness
Can open us to the
Great Wonder…
That All That Is,

We cannot BE the beings that we are, unless
We recognise the true ground of our Being.
That ground does not lie in What, Who or How we are.
It lies in THAT we are - in BEING as such.

Our Being can have no ultimate ground in
Any thing or any being that ever was or is,
For any such thing or being is grounded in
We cannot BE the beings that we are, unless
We recognise that BEING  is our ground, and
That BEING, as simple BEINGNESS
Has NO Ground, no Why.

The truth of our being is that
BEING alone is our ground, and that
That ground is in turn a Groundless Ground,
A Ground with no Ground
In any being that ever Was or Is.

Only through Gnosis,
Only through Knowing
The TRUTH of our Being
Can we truly BE the beings we are.
The truth that BEING is a Groundless Ground
That it is therefore an Abyss.
That it has its only Ground in
The Abyss of NON-Being.

Only they who can bear
The Truth of  BEING
Can truly BE the beings.
For it is the Truth of BEING
That bears forth all beings.
And lets them BE.

The Meaning of BEING is to BE.
BEING, we can feel the Truth of BEING
Shining forth through every single being.
Filling us with the Meaning of ITS Being;
The shimmering, quivering radiance of its own
Unique way of BE-ING,
Of standing out and EX-isting,
Of being borne forth and of 
Bearing itself forth as a being.

Beings – not owning but Enowned by BEING.
GNOSIS - not knowing but Enknown by its Mystery.
By the One that is No One.

How then can we comprehend this One that is No-One,
That withdraws from our every attempt to grasp it as
Some One, as any being or ‘god’ that WAS, IS or 
Might BE?

How can we comprehend this One
That is not One among Many,
This One that has no Other, for
All That Is IS its Other, just as IT is its Mother? 

How can we comprehend the sheer Otherness of this ‘God’? 
“The totally other over against gods who have been, especially over 
against the Christian God.” A ‘God’ whose very withdrawal from 
presence AS a being, Is the condition for the presencing of ALL 
beings – their BEING.

Only as that ‘God’ who, in withdrawing from  presence, withdraws
 INTO presence as All That Is, All Who ARE.

Only as that ‘God’ who, in withdrawing from presence, First 
MAKES ROOM for beings to BE,  first clears a  Primordial ‘space’ 
of BEING in which they can BE.

Only as “The Open”; that primordial “Clearing” in which  All 
beings first come to presence and come to BE, and in which they 
can shine forth and ring out as what and who They ARE.

Only as the “The Unground”; that bottomless “Abyss”
Into which the very BEING of beings withdraws.

Only as that ‘God’, which in making Room for beings to be,
Not only withdraws from BEING, but draws us with it,
Draws us deep down into the dark womb of all beings:
That Womb which IS only because ‘to be’ means ‘to dwell’.
To be ever borne and sent forth from it,
Whilst never ceasing to abide within it.

That Womb which first makes Room, clearing and holding open 
The primordial space for beings to BE; that womb also receives
ME, as it receives YOU, receiving All That Is into the All-
Encompassing  Space of its Embrace.

 “A space is something that has been made room for, something that 
is cleared and free, namely within a boundary…A boundary is not 
that at which something stops, but as the Greeks recognised, the 
boundary is that from which something begins its presencing … 
Space is in essence that which lets into its bounds. 

The One that is No One is what most fully takes us into itself and 
Into our own source as Beings;  letting us into its infinite bounds.
It is what both receives and draws us OUT into the vast, quivering 
Expanse of The Open, and at the same time draws us deep down 
INTO that which first holds it open; taking us back to our true 
Home - that Great Mystery in which we Dwell,
And through Dwelling, ARE. 


Mountain Landscape with Rainbow
-Caspar David Friedrich-