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Full Contents of
'From New Age to New Gnosis'
The Contemporary Significance of a New Gnostic Spirituality


Gnosis, Old and New 1

Prologue 1
Lifting the Veil 2
Gnosis and the Alien God 4
What is ‘Gnosis’ ? 5
What is ‘Gnosticism’ ? 5
Sethian Gnosticism 6
The Genesis of Gnosticism 7
The Contemporary Significance of Gnosticism 9
The Enduring Tradition of Gnosis 10
Gnostic Politics – a “World Revolution of the Soul” 13
Gnosticism – an Unacknowledged World Religion 14
The World in the Light of Gnosticism 15
Gnosis and Globalisation 17
Religion and the Old Gnostic Heresy 18
New Gnostic Theology 19
From New Age to New Gnosis 21
The Ideology of ‘Energy’ 22
Gnosticism as Spiritual Anarchism 23
From Archons to Archetypes – Jungian Agnosticism 24
Gnosis and Religious Language 25
Gnosis and Allegory 27
New Gnostic Spiriuality 28
Science and the New Gnostic Heresy 30
Modern Agnosticism 33
The Eight Forms of Spiritual Ignorance 34
Psychotherapy as Substitute Gnosis 37
Gnosis and Spiritual Health 38
Gnostic Heresy and Male Hysteria 40
The Gnosis of Genesis 42
New Gnosis and Prophetic Judaism 42
A Sethian Prognosis for Humanity 45

Guardians of the Old Gnosis 47

The Gnostic Tradition in Germany 47
The Gnosis of Meister Eckhart 49
The Poetic Gnosis of George and Rilke 50
The Gnosis of Japan 52
Gnosis and the Eastern Church 53
The Gnosis of Gregory Palamas 54

Vanguards of the New Gnosis 57

The Gnosis of Karl Marx 57
The Gnosis of Martin Buber 60
The Gospel of Buber 64
The Gnosis of Martin Heidegger 67

The Sethian Gnosis, Old and New 71

The New Sethian Gnosis 71
Aeons and Awareness Gestalts 76
The Old Sethian Gnosis 78
The New Seth on the Sethites of Old 80
Seth on Religion 82
The Gnosis of the Jewish Prophets 86
Seth on the Christ Entity and Crucifixion 87
Seth on the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls 93
Academic Studies of Sethian Gnosticism 97
God - Male or Female, Human or Non-Human? 98
The Trimorphic Protennoia 103
Initiation into the Gnostic Mysteries 105
The Old Sethian Liturgies of Sound 109
Seth on Inner Sound, Feeling Tone and Sumari 111

The Gnostic Paul and Theo-Politics 117

Seth on the “Second Coming” of Paul 117
“The Gnostic Paul” 122
Paulinism and Theo-Politics 131
New Age or Third Age? 133
Islam and the Gnosis of George Gurdjieff 137
From the Fourth Way to the Fourth Paradigm 142

From New Gnosis to The New Yoga 145

Yoga, Old and New 145
Yoga, Religion and Gnostic Dualism 149
The New Yoga and the Inner Body 151
Devachan and the Fifith Dimension 154
Intimacy and the Inner Body 156
Beyond ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ 163
The Mystery of Bodyhood 166
The New Yoga as Soma-Sensitivity 167
From New Gnosis to The New Yoga 169
The Inner Body 177

Bibliography 179