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Contractio ergo sum. ‘I contract therefore I am.’ And

 ‘I am contraction, therefore I am.’ Or ‘Contraction is the nature of my existence.’ Or ‘I am self-contraction itself.’

Adi Da Samraj

Knowing this we are free - like a circle drawn on a piece of paper that suddenly knows that it is everything outside itself as well as everything that it contains and encloses within its circumference. A circle that knows its own circumference not only as the ‘outer’ circumference of all the space within it, but as an inner circumference of all the unbounded space surrounding it. A circle or sphere of awareness that knows its own ‘self’ as one self-circumscription, self-contraction, or self-enclosure of an unbounded field of awareness.  A circle or sphere that knows that its own inwardness too, is not something bounded by its outer circumference – but is like a wormhole that links it to the inwardness of every other circle in the space around it. A wormhole that leads into and radiates out of the inwardness of every other circular “enclosure” or “unit” of consciousness. Knowing all this in a bodily way – feeling it – means knowing that each of us is a Black Hole and a White Sun – a ‘Black Sun’ shining with the hidden light of countless souls.

Not knowing
this leaves us thinking and feeling our awareness as something enclosed – outwardly and inwardly - by our bodily circumference. Mental enclosure is enclosure in body-mind and body-mind, our  bodily self-concept and bodily self-experience. Gnosis is not release from ‘bodymind’. It is release from an unknowing self-contraction of bodymind into the vast fields of awareness that can be felt both around and within our bodily circumference. To feel this release is quite simply – to breathe.


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