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The New Gnosis

"GOD is GNOSIS – not a divine being but a divine knowingone that is the source of all beings and immanent within them all."

- Peter Wilberg -

Easter Morning
-Caspar David Friedrich -
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“... the noble person recognises God in everything,
the common person the form, not the spirit.”

- Caspar David Friedrich -

‘Gnosticism’ is a word usually used to name a variety of early Christian sects, later deemed heretical, that sprang up in the first centuries after Christ and whose ‘gospels’ were made famous by their discovery at Nag Hammadi in Egypt. In essence however, gnosticism is nothing more or less than the unacknowledged world religion of all times - an underground spiritual tradition that has always rejected reliance on religious rites and symbols and instead affirmed "the wordless knowledge within the word" (Seth). Understood in this way, gnosticism is highly relevant to our own times - in order to "lead mankind behind the symbolism upon which religion has relied for centuries." (Seth). Hence the need to reaffirm the essence of gnostic spirituality in a new way suited to these times – the need for a ‘New Gnosis’. (Read more ... Philosophy of The New Gnosis)


Just published by New Gnosis Publications


On the Contemporary Significance of a New Gnostic Spirituality

by Peter Wilberg

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